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Faculty 2 Faculty: The Alliance for Research Based Teaching and Learning

About Us

We provide a full range of professional development services for college and university faculty. Those who receive our services consistently rate them as excellent for several reasons:

  • We ground our work in the latest theory and research on teaching and learning.
  • We use the same instructional methods in our professional development experiences that we advocate using in  college classrooms.
  • We include activities to help faculty develop materials,  strategies, and assignments to use right away.


Become a more effective teacher in today's college classroom! Visit our sister site, College Teaching Techniques, for handbooks filled with informative techniques and guidance.

Upcoming Events

Promoting and Assessing Significant Learning

This facilitated, two-week, online workshop takes you through all the steps required to promote and assess significant learning in an efficient, effective manner and provides you with a product by the conclusion of the workshop that you can immediately use and seamlessly integrate with a course you are teaching or plan to teach. Dates include:

•  February 7– February 22, 2018
•  March 21 – April 5, 2018
•  April 11 – April 26, 2018
•  June 20 – July 5, 2018
•  August 1 – August 16, 2018

Click here for more information and to register.


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