Promoting & Assessing Significant Learning

Online Workshop

Workshop Details

  • Cost: $395/participant
  • No pre-requisites
  • Two weeks in length
  • Facilitated
  • Asynchronous
  • Approximately 20-hr time commitment
  • Sessions limited to 15 participants

Upcoming Dates

  • January 16 – January 21, 2019
  • March 13 – March 28, 2019
  • May 15 – May 30, 2019

Looking for new ways to assess student learning? Not sure how to constructive effective learning assessments or gather, analyze and share assessment data? This facilitated, two-week, online workshop takes you through all the steps required to promote and assess significant learning in an efficient, effective manner and provides you with a product by the conclusion of the workshop that you can immediately use and seamlessly integrate with a course you are teaching or plan to teach. Select from 50 different Learning Assessment Techniques in multiple dimensions of learning to achieve your course goals and assessment purpose(s).

Intended Audience This workshop is appropriate for anyone promoting and assessing significant learning in a face-to-face/ ground, totally online or blended/hybrid classroom.

Workshop Format

Through a variety of activities you will not only view/read lessons, but also apply the principles and lesson material to a course of your own, discuss your work with colleagues in the workshop and receive feedback throughout from both an experienced workshop coach and your colleagues. Each module in the workshop includes View, Read, Check, Apply and Share tasks which enable you to acquire information in multiple ways, check your understanding, connect theory to practice and share your work and ideas with others. Using a course of your own, you will receive individualized guidance as you construct a comprehensive assessment plan that includes:

  • Identifying significant learning goals
  • Designing effective, pedagogically sound instructional activities
  • Developing a strategy for analyzing and reporting on learning outcomes in ways acceptable to a variety of stakeholders.
Workshop Product

At the time the workshop concludes, although within a short two-week period you will not have had the opportunity to design all assessments for an entire course, you will have designed an assessment for use in one of your courses now and will be able to use a design process that will enable you to continue designing additional assessments for all your courses long after the workshop is over.


The guided, step-by-step process, ideas, specific techniques and conversation with colleagues will enable you to use a framework for multi-dimensional learning to identify your learning goals, clarify your assessment purpose, select appropriate Learning Assessment Techniques, implement techniques more effectively and efficiently, and analyze and report data. Past participants report more confidence in their ability to construct assessments that meet high standards, communicate valuable assessment data to a variety of stakeholders, and engage learners in multiple kinds of learning.