Keynotes & Workshops

We recognize that teaching is part art, part technique. And we believe that by putting information that synthesizes the best and most up-to-date information on what works into the hands of the faculty who can best use it, we help faculty improve student learning.



We provide live Webinars on our core content areas. Our Webinars involve presentation and interactive elements facilitated through video conferencing software.


We offer keynote presentations on our core content areas to kick off conferences or other professional development events. Our keynotes presentations are noted for energy, style, and interactivity with the audience.


We facilitate workshops focused on our core content areas. The sessions are interactive in which participants engaged in facilitated activities such as written exercise, group discussions, and application of content. Participants work to generate a product by the end of the session.

Customized Online Courses

Our experts are recognized leaders in the area of online instruction and online course design. Our online courses can be on-demand in which participants work through at their own pace, or facilitated over a two-week period.

Core Content Areas

Reframing the lecture as a pedagogy of engagement

Interactive lecturing for the college classroom

It would be difficult to find a teaching approach more heartily maligned than the lecture. Yet the lecture has an important role in college courses: providing students with information in a clear, concise, and direct manner. It is most effective when combined with active learning techniques to create a dynamic learning experience. Our experts can help faculty create interactive lecture sessions.

Terms of Engagement

Understanding and promoting engagement in today's courses

Getting students to engage, whether onsite or online, is a challenge for today’s college teachers. Yet theory and research point to several practices that can help. Our experts can help guide college faculty to create engaging classrooms.

Making group work work

Collaborative learning goes to college

An impressive research base supports the use of group learning in the college and university classroom. Yet faculty don’t always know the best ways to approach group work, and students are often resistant. Our experts can help college teachers design collaborative approaches for their own classrooms.

Evidence-Based Instructional Methods

The sheer number of instructional choices can be overwhelming for college faculty. Yet evidence-based teaching practices have a sufficient body of empirical evidence to document their effectiveness in helping students learn. Our experts can share what teaching strategies work to improve student learning in the college classroom.

Assessing for Learning

A meaningful form of course-level assessment

Assessment can be an educative act, in that students can learn while being assessed. Our experts can help faculty seamlessly blend goal setting, instructional activities, and assessment of natural and authentic learning artifacts.


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